Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sumati Satakam - Padyam

కనకపు సింహాసనమున
శునకము గూర్చుండ బెట్టి శుభలగ్నమునం
దొనరగ బట్టము గట్టిన
వెనుకటి గుణమేల మాను వినురా సుమతీ

kanakapu simhAsanamuna
shunakamu gUrchund betti shubhalagnamunan
donaraga pattamu gattina
Venukati gunamEla mAnu vinurA sumatI

కనకపు = golden
సింహాసనమున = on the throne
శునకము = dog
కూర్చుండ బెట్టి = made to sit
శుభలగ్నమునందు = on an auspicious moment
ఒనరగ = to suit
పట్టము గట్టిన = perform incarnation
వెనుకటి = olden
గుణము = character
ఏల = why
మాను = will stop
వినురా = listen
సుమతీ = Oh! The wise one


Oh the wise one! On an auspicious occasion, you can make a dog to sit on the throne and make it the king. But, because of that, the dog cannot change its old habits. Please listen.

Each thing and living being has its own characteristics. It is natural. Sugar being sweet and salt being salty is natural. Water is fluid and ice is solid. They have to be like that. A dog will be a dog and a cat will be a cat. They would not change. Man after all is a man. But, interestingly the characters of each one are different. They are either good or bad. Sometimes good and sometimes bad. A naturally wile person will never become a virtuous one overnight. A good man will not turn villain either easily. Hence, we have to deal with people after learning about their nature. Simply because people change place or face, they cannot become someone else.

Let us enjoy classical wisdom!!

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