Friday, February 26, 2010

Manamu Leda - A Kriti of Tyagaraja

There are quite a few kritis with the word 'manamu' in the pallavi.

They may not all be of Tyagaraja.
Let us listen to some these songs.

First one is Tyagraja’s “manamu leda?”

You can see that the complete word Abhimamanamu gives the meaning to the pallavi.
Then, do we refer to this song as “Abhimanamu leda?”
Same is the case with “manamu kavalenu talli.”
The word in fact is “Abhimanamu kavalenu talli.”
“Abhimanamennadu galgura” is, as we can see, different.

Let us start with manamuleda.

mAnamu lEdA-hamIrkalyANi

In the kRti ‘mAnamu lEdA’ – rAga hamIr kalyANi, srI tyAgarAja asks

Lord whether He doesn’t have affection that he is His devotee.

P mAnamu lEdA tanavAD(a)ni abhi(mAnamu)
మానము లేదా తనవాడని అభి(మానము)

A kAnamurA nI vale nir-mOhini
కానమురా నీవలె నిర్మోహిని
gAna ruci teliyu kusa lava janaka (mAnamu)
గానరుచి తెలియు కుశలవ జనక (మానము)

C nI samukhamuna ravi tanayuDu ninu
నీ సముఖమున రవితనయుడు నిను
bAsalu palkaga rOsamutO
బాసలు పల్కగ రోసముతో
simhAsan(A)dhipati jEsina nIku
సింహాసనాధిపతి జేసిన నీకు
dAsuDaina tyAgarAja kar(A)rcita (mAnamu)
దాసుడైన త్యగరాజ కరార్చిత (మానము)


O Father of kusa and lava who knows the taste of music! O Lord worshipped by the hand of this tyAgarAja - Your devotee!

Don’t you have shame? Don’t You have affection that I am Your’s?

We do not see a person so bereft of all affections like You.

Don’t You have shame who, when sugrIva spoke harsh words about You in Your presence, out of indignation, made him King of kiSkindA?

Listen nad enjoy three tracks of this song!

Let us enjoy good music.


Jai Savitri said...

Beautiful....especially the viiolin recital...I am a violinist as well.
Thanks for providing the meaning of this kriti

Sharada Krishnan
(Phoenix, Arizona, USA)

sairamakoti said...

Dear Gopalamji, Your prescription of giving the text of the song followed by audios works very well for me.
I always used to download and after hearing one or two lines postpone my further listenings to a latter date. That latter date never happens.
Your idea works well.Iam able to enjoy the song and simultaneously follow the song text.
Good idea.Keep it up. Thank you
Ramakoti Srinivasan.