Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kabir Bhajan - A haunting song!

Nirbhay Nirgun – Kumar Gandharva

I have a few songs that ring in my mind always.
Father bought a transistor when I was in school perhaps.
That was an assembled set.
It was so good that it used to pick up a number of stations even in AM.
Happily we were in our village without any kind of disturbance.
I don’t remember whether it was Raipur or some such station from which I heard this song.
I always wanted to listen to this song again.
I think the Panchrangi Karyakram Vividh Bharati Played it again.

I could never listen to the song again.
It was always haunting me though!
Now, I found it.

When you find something so good, you share it with others!
Here it is!!

This is a Kabir Bhajan. Sung by my favourite singer Pandit Kumar Gandharva.

nirbhay nirguN guN re gAvUngA
mUl kamal draDh Asan bandhujIu
ulTi pavan caDavUngA

man mamtA kO thir kar lAvUnjI
pancO taT milAvUnga
ingala pingala sukhman nadijI
tirvENi pE haun nahAvUngaA

panc paccIsOn pakaD mangAvUnjI
Ek hI dOr lagAUungA
shUnya shikhar par anhad bAjEjI
rAg chattIs sunAvUngA

kahat kabIr sunO bhayi sAdhOjI
jIt nishAn ghurAvUngA

Let us enjoy great songs!!


வழிப்போக்கன் said...

Dear Sir,
I am one of your avid and regular readers of your blog. Not only, it is interesting, but the variety of information contained in the blog stimulates the mind.
Having been a resident of Vijayawada, Visakhapatnam, Nellore and Rajahmundry in my formative years, I am enjoying your outpourings in Telugu also.
Your comments on Carnatic music are also interesting.
S. Krishnamoorthy

Vijayagopal said...


Thanks a million!

My knowledge of tamil is rudimentary.
I cannot even understand your name !
If people like you, show interest in what I do, I feel, my efforts are, after all, not waste!!

Thanks again.

Jai Savitri said...


A very nice rendition by Kumar Gandharvji. I actually was searching for Kabir Das's keertan on:
Rama Nama Japa Lena
Hey Vaikunth Jaanaa
Ye Jeevan Do Din Kaa
Rama Nama Japa Lena

I just happened to come across this link and felt wonderful to hear this bhajan....I don't know which Hindustani Raag this bhajan is set to but, this raag would be called Maandu in our Carnatic Classical I guess!

If you happened to know the above mentioned bhajan please share the script with me.

Dhanya Ho, Ram Ram
Sharada Krishnan
(Phoenix, Arizona, USA)

sweta rawat said...

thanx for sharing the song... i was searching it for some time..... sweta rawat