Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Guduri Seetharam Kathalu

Stories by Guduri Seetharam.

This writer is such an unassuming man!
B S Ramulu came home with a lot of books.
This book was one of them.
I usually read a lot.
But, I never knew about this writer.
It was interesting that along with the book, this gentleman also came home.
When Mr Ramulu introduced him I was dumbstruck!
It was a pleasant surprise.

I read the stories with interest.
Sri Seetharam belongs to the first generation of Telangana writers.
He has written the stories contained in this book in a matter of ten yeras.
That was the times when turmoil in the area was on the receding mode.
So, the writers have taken up to writing on social themes and humna relations.
There is a story, a really small story at that by name, బస్సు కదిలింది, "The bus started moving."
It can be called the best of the collection.
In fact the st
It is not exactly a story.
It can be called a poem.
That writers at that time only have experimented in writing such pieces is worth noting.

Telangana culture peeps in each and every story of this collection.
Rustic freshness is as fragrant as the earth after the first rain.
Dr. pattipaka Mohan, who is now with the National Book Trust and Mr. Jukanti Jagannatham have taken trouble of collecting the stories and bringing out a neat book.
I ahve aleady in another occassion mentioned about the Karimnagar people bringing out attractive books.
Thye have perfected the art of publication.
This is what Jagannatham writes at the beginning of the introductory note.

Interestingly there is no address at which enquiries can be made if one wants a copy of the book.
Maneru Rachayitala Sangham, Sirisilla is the only clue!
May Be Sri B S Ramulu will help!!
Let us enjoy good writings!


B.S. Ramulu said...

dear friend

i saw suddenly and surprised that in google search it is cathed by me.
your interest very interesting . congrats.
i can help for this.
my ph 91-9391036987. now i am at chikago...u s a .
guduri sitaram ph-9247523085 ..resides at 301,thakur residency,near barkath pura chaman hyderabad 500027. ap.

b s ramulu

N said...

Thanks Vijayagopal Garu for this article. Today I read about Guduri Seetharam Garu in Sakshi's "Pratiroju O Katha Parichayam" article and when I searched online to know more about this author, your blog came as the first link. I'm looking for this type of blog, I will be back with my comments once I read all your posts.