Thursday, February 25, 2010

Words of Wisdom

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Even when money is gone and friends are gone, integrity stays.

People will remember you because of what you are and not what you have. A good man will be remembered because of his integrity. This is not something that comes because of the money you have or the people around you. The inherent character called integrity stays with you for ever.
Integrity speaks

Your ideal is what you wish you are,
Your reputation is what people say you are,
Integrity is what you are!

You will like a particular person and would like to live and act like him or her. It is the people who can tell what exactly you are. It is what you say and do irrespective of the fact whether anyone is watching you or not.
What is integrity?

The message of a man’s real character is what he would do, if he would never be found out.

You find a coin on the road. There is no one watching you. No one will know what you did with that coin. What will you do with it?
The World

The mind is the body’s physician.

The world around us springs out of our imagination. A fearful mind creates a fearful world. A happy and healthy mind in contrast, will create a world filled with peace, joy and love. No adversity can block a happy mind. Everything around it is seen as a teaching tool.


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