Saturday, December 5, 2009

T V Shankaranarayanan Concert

T V Shankaranarayanan was a great friend.
I am saying 'was' because we lost contact for a long  time.
I remember the long discussions I had with him on muisc.
He is not just a great musician but a refined gentleman.
After a concert in Muisc Academy when I went on to the stage, he got excited and introduced me to the team saying "look at him! He came all the way from Hyderabad to listen to our performances".
Great man he is!
I cannot forget the gesture he made at me starting a Kanada when he sang in the Vinjamuri Memorial Concert decades back. That morning I told him that I like Kanada!

This is what Hindu wrote about him when he was conferred Padmavibhuashan award.

A lawyer turned musician, he is one of the few classical exponents of an art form that he has carefully nurtured and preserved in all its pristine beauty. His concerts, meticulously planned and modelled on the debonair style of his illustrious uncle and guru, Madurai Mani Iyer, have mesmerised audiences with their rhythm, grace and melody. It could be a raga alapana, neraval or swaraprastharam - they all have the special TVS stamp. An unaffected technique he has honed to perfection. After one such inspired concert, he was heard to remark: "How I enjoyed singing Kapi today." Maybe, there lies the secret of his success. He becomes so totally involved in his music that he forgets himself and his surroundings. It could be an open-air theatre; a 3,000-seat auditorium; or, a cosy hall with the audience spilling over onto his mat. He sings with the same zest and verve. Once, during a concert in this city, when the rain drove away many in the audience, he continued to sing for a handful of listeners without diluting the quality or cutting down the length of the concert. This again a lesson learnt from his guru who used to tell him: "When you sing, don't compete with others. Listen and judge your own music. And sing even if there are only ten listeners." These were lessons in humility that the young disciple learnt at the feet of his mentor.

Thanks to Sri Srinivasan, Mumbai, I bring to you an excellent concert of TVS with eminent accompanists.


Sri T V Shankaranarayanan - Vocal
Sri M S Gopalakrishnan - Violin
Sri Vellore Ramabhadran - Mridangam

List of items:

01 Rara Ma Intindaka - Asaveri
02 Venkata Ramana - Latangi
03 Paramapurusha - Vasanta
04 Rama Ika Nannu - Shahana
05 Kamalamba - Ananda Bhairavi
06 Kambhoji Ragam
07 Lambodaram Bhavaye - Kambhoji
08 Tani
09 RTP - Kalyana Vasantam
10 Eppo Varuvaro - Jaunpuri
11 Note


Heavenly music! Enjoy!!


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