Friday, December 4, 2009

Smt M L Vasanta Kumari - Old Discs

Continuing our tributes to Great GNB, here is a collection of items by Smt. M L Vasanta Kumari, his principle disciple.
MLV needs no introduction  for the music loving Rasikas.

Here is an excerpt from a write up from Hindu, published on the occassion of MLV's 75th birth anniversary.

Madras Lalithangi Vasanthakumari — this was how a Sabha announced her name for her `solo' concert in Bangalore in 1941. The 13-year-old was substituting for her mother who had taken ill. But the `substitute' was far from a compromise.

On the contrary, she created a tremendous impact on the minds of all her listeners. While many admired her, there were some proud of her too. Amongst them was G. N. Balasubramaniam. Her guru and mentor, GNB taught MLV for ten years. He advised her to absorb all the good aspects of his music but to cultivate her own style. MLV did just that and the `MLV bani' emerged that was a combination of melody, rhythm and intellect. She stunned the audience by making unfamiliar ragas familiar and lacing known ones with new contours. With great alacrity she would just shift the tonic note to another swara and out of this exercise would emerge a kaleidoscopic portrayal of a new raga, another one and yet another. Her Ragam-Tanam-Pallavis were cerebral.

The List of items:

01 Nadatanum Anisam - Chittaranjani
02 Nijadasavarada - Kalyani
03 Srijalandharam - Gambhira Nata
04 Yake Nirdayana
05 Kavava - Varali
06 Tillana - Dhanasri
07 Sudimudi Thevaram
08 Sriganapathini - Saurashtram
09 Emani Pogadudura - Veeravasantam
10 Bagayenayya - Chandrajyoti
11 Kanulutakani - Kalyana Vasantam

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Let us enjoy good music.

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