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Sri Nedunuri Krishna Murthy - Vocal

Nedunuri is a great friend.
On his invitation, I spent almost a week with him when he was conferred Sangeeta Kalanidhi by the Chennai Music Academy.
I had to leave before the new year started.
After the Sadas, he went all the way to Kurnool to pay respects to his Guru Sri Sripada Pinakapani garu.
On the way he spent a day at Hyderabad.
Perhaps nobody knew that he was in town.
Nedunuri was alone in his room in Hotel Dwaraka.
I was the lone visitor.
We spent a long time discussing music.
It speaks volumes about his personality.
I cannot forget the Annamacharya song he sang for me alone on the seashores at Vizag.
Nedunuri is another name for simplicity.
His music takes you, on the contrary, to the heights!

This is what Hindu wrote about him when he turned 76.

Nedunuri Krishnamurthy has sung for 52 years at the Music Academy, taking a short break only when his health did not match up to his enthusiasm. His father died in 1959 and his mother in 1968, both happy that their son's dream had been fulfilled. Over the years great honours have been conferred on him. Sangeeta Kalasagara, Swar Vilas, Gayaka Choodamani Sangeeta Samrat, Sangeet Natak Akademi award, the Sangeeta Kalanidhi are but a few in the long list of awards that he has received. In May 2003, he received the Dr. K. V. Rao and Dr. Jyoti Rao Award conferred by the Telugu Fine Arts Society, U.S.

His music has carried him from the by lanes of Pithapuram to distant shores. But, he retains a soft corner for the discerning music audience of Tamil Nadu and considered it a compliment when once long ago someone asked him, "Are you a musician from Thanjavur?"

On another occasion, critic Subbudu admiringly asked, "Has Carnatic music migrated to Andhra?" Andhra-born he certainly is, but Krishnamurthy sings Tamil songs with comparable relish and equal attention to lyrics. "These are not special qualifications but necessary requisites for a singer." Reveals Nedunuri, "while singing, the intention of the composer has to be conveyed and that can only be done by correctly enunciating the lyrics and I do think that many of Papanasam Sivan's songs are comparable with those of the `Trinity'.

I bring to you a radio recording of Sri Nedunuri from the collection kindly sent by Sri Thiagarajan Sir of Chennai.


Sri Nedunuri Krishna Murthy - Vocal
Sri VVRavi - Violin
Sri RRamesh - Mridangam

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Great people and Great Music!!

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