Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sattur Subramanya Iyer - Vocal

There are some artists whose names are not very popular.
Sattur is one such among many!
Probably, for his own reasons he was not very active in concert circuits.
His music is rated as the finest.
You will realise it only when you listen to his music.
Such artists deserve better attention.
We get carried away by the name and charm of popular artists and usually keep away from some real good music.

Here is a small write up about him that I found on the web.


Born in Angarai, Tiruchirapalli district of Ganesa Sastrigal and Thailammal, he obtained his Sangita Bhushanam diploma in 1936 from the Annamalai University. A.G.Subramaniam had the good fortune of having distinguished maestri at the University like Tiruvaiyaru Sabhesa Ayyar and Thanjavur Ponniah Pillai as his preceptors. He was well conversant with Sanskrit, Telugu, Hindi and Tamil and his rendition was rich and soaked in bhava-rasa. A purist to the last, his raga alapanas and pallavi elaboration in different ragas were masterpieces of expertise, lakshana - lakshya elegance, high level artistic exuberance of manodharma which endeared him to the top artistes of his days like Ariyakudi Ramanuja Ayyangar, Madurai Mani Ayyar and G.N.B. He was given the privilege of inaugural concert at Sri Rama Navami Celebrations at Coimbatore consistently. Fortunately, two gramaphone records and three cassettes of his rendition have been retrieved and a beginning to popularise the same was made with the release of a cassette on August 15, 1995.

Subramaniam was a dedicated guru adored by his disciples like Sirkali V.R.Subramaniam, Sirkali R.Jayaraman, Musiri Rangarajan, Tiruchi N.Natarajan, Sulochana Pattabhiraman, Sitamani Srinivasan and a host of others including his musical daughters. His disciples celebrated his Eightieth Jayanti on the Independence Day, 1995 with rare devotion and dedication. Subramaniam had an enjoyable voice and his music was orthodox with laya and sruti suddham. A devoted guru, a gentleman and a good musician, he was lovable. He came of a religious family and was capable of nothing but heed to the Divine Call.

Here is the list of items.
01 Chalamela - Natakuranji.mp3
02 Jaya Jaya - Nata.mp3
03 Srisankara - Nagaswaravali.mp3
04 Sakalagrahabala - Athana.mp3
05 Chandram Bhaja - Asaveri.mp3
06 Sogasuga - Sriranjani.mp3
07 Brovavamma - Manjhi.mp3



Let us enjoy good music!

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