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Sumati Satakam - 12

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Sumati padyam
కరణముల ననుసరించక

విరసంబున దిన్న తిండి వికటించు జుమీ

యిరుసున గందెన బెట్టక

పరమేశ్వరు బండియైన పారదు సుమతీ

Meaning of the words roughly.

కరణములను = the village account keeper

అనుసరించక = without following

విరసంబున = in confrontation

తిన్న తిండి = food that is eaten

వికటించు జుమీ = will cause distress

యిరుసున = on the axle

కందెన బెట్టక = without adding lubricant

పరమేశ్వరు బండియైన = even the cart or chariot of the supreme lord

పారదు = will not move

సుమతీ = O, the wise one!

We are all now victims of corruption in the administrative mechanism.

Perhaps this was the case even in the days of Baddena who wrote Sumati Satakam.

In this verse Baddena tells the world that people have to go by the wishes of account keepers.

They are now called the revenue officers.

He tells that food eaten against their wishes will not be digested.

Moreover, it will cause illness.

It means without satisfying the officers you cannot keep your wealth.

If you keep it, it will cause you troubles.

As an example he says that the lubricant in a vehicles axle as a necessity.

Even if the vehicle belongs to the Supreme lord, it still requires lubricant!

Bribes have several interesting names and lubricant could be one among them!

All the Bofors and the current Raja case are all a different game.

There also, since the fellows have not taken care of all the concerned people, things get to a wrong position. On the whole the poet says that enjoying wealth all by yourself is not good. That is the positive message we have to derive from the poem. This is not to glorify bribery. But to tell that you have to take care of people who take care of your affairs.

Does that mean you have to pay people for everything?

These days, employees get their wages from the Government. Not satisfied with that they look for additional appeasements. That is out and out bad.

When Baddena wrote these lines village accountants must have had a bad time with low emoluments.

Meaning of verses change with time, I feel!


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