Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sri T R Mahalingam with disciples

Mali sir was asked to name his disciples.
He mentioned only three names.
They were Sri Ramani, Sri N S Srinivasan (Hyderabad Srinivasan for whom Sir used to come all the way to Hyderabad) and Sri Natarajan.

Of course, it was a different matter all together that he told me that the Reception Clerck at the Hotel Dwaraka (Hyderabad) as his latest, (perhaps the last also} disciple.
Mali Sir was staying at Hotel Dwraka for almost a month.
The room was booked in some other name.
Not a soul knew that he was there.
That is what exactly he wanted. Peace!
(Of course a few of us were privy to his time almost daily!
Jagan will stand testimony!)

Then somehow the young receptionist got to know that the guest was a flautist.
He mustered courage one day and knocked on the room door.
The jovial man he was, Mali sir accepted the request to teach him playing on the flute.
He asked the youngman to go and buy a flute.
That is all that happened.
The gentleman must be having the flute and the sweet memories with him!
Is that not enough?

Now, to the music!!
Here are two rare recordings for you.

In the first one Mali sir is accompanied by Sri Ramani and also Sri Srinivasan.
Mridangam is by Sri Dandamudi Ramamohana Rao.
Swararagasudha - Shankarabharanam flows!

In the second one only N S Srinivasan follows the guru.
Sri Neti Srirama Sharma on Violin, Sri Yella Venkateswara Rao on Mridangam and Sri P Rama Rao on Kanjira make the team.
A short Evarani and a Kambhoji with Evari mata are the items.


That is where the files are!!

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