Wednesday, December 2, 2009

N S Srinivasan - Flute

Allow me the happiness of sharings Sri Srinivasan's music with you.

Earlier I announced one RTP on the Sangeethapriya forum and lot of people liked it.

I sincerely thank Smt. Sarada Srinivasan, herself an outstanding, top ranking radio drama artist, for allowing me access to the music collection.

Srinivasan was a versatile man.
Apart from playing flute he did a lot of things with unparalelled quality.
He produced a lot of radio and TV features of excellent quality and won laurels.
He wrote and lectured on music profusely.
He also wrote dramas which were very popular.
Srinivasan was an excellent humorist.
His mimicry of famous artists was a hit with elderly musicians also, I am told.

As for flute he stuck to the Sruti and Style of his Guru Great Sri Mahalingam.

Srinivasan shifted to Hyderabad to join AIR.
That was AIR's gain and a kind of loss to the music world.
Had he been in the regular music circuit of Chennai, we would have seen another popular flautist.
Not that he has not performed in the music circles.
Wherever and whenever he performed the house was sure to go into raptures.
Interestingly he reminds us of Mali sir with very first notes.

Srinivasan stuck to things dearer to his heart, namely music and its spread, not stage performances.
He has groomed many a youngster into fine musicians.
Made music for some good dance performances.
He also stuck to being silent and not making noise for publicity.

We will have a chance to enjoy the creativeness of Srinivasan through couple of Radio Features and a drama in the coming days.

First, we shall enjoy his flute recitals.
The first one in the series is here.

The Team:

Details not available.

List of items:

01 Ninne Bhajana - Nata - Adi - Tyagaraja
02 Mayamma - Ahiri - Adi - Shyama sastry
03 Gnanamosaga rada - Poorvikalyani - Rupakam - Tyagaraja
04 Swararga Sudha - Shankarabharanam - Adi - Tyagaraja


I already mentioned that wind instruments are my favorites.
There will be more such concerts coming up here.
Let us enjoy good music.

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kalpagam said...

Thanks a lot for sharing. Do you also have a collection of Shri Mali's recitals? It will be great if you can please share those.