Sunday, December 6, 2009

Paintings and Autographs.

I am bringing two more paintings from the Souvenir of The First World Telugu Conference held in 1975.

There are paintings and there are autographs.
Usually if it is an autograph on a painting, it would be of the painter.
These paintings are a little different in this aspect.
The autographs are of the celebrities who attended the conference.
Thus the paintings have an added value.

(Click on the paintings to see them in bigger size)
This painting is by Sri Varada Venkataratnam.
Not many people know his name.
Not many of his paintings are there in circulation.
I know one thing about him for sure.
He taught painting to my good frined Sri Seela Veerraju.
Sri Veerraju is a great man.
His Guru is greater than him!

The autograph is of a tall man.
Sri Bezawada Goplala Reddy was a tall man in many respects.
He need no introduction either!

The second painting is by Janardhan.
I really no nothing about him.
The painting speaks about his personality.
Majesty, detail and things like that.
The autugraph is of a personality who is well known to all Telugu people.
I was his students for a few days.
Though there were enough chances I have never gone very near to him.
In one of those meetings where we shared the dias, he approvingly nodded at a critical point I made.
That is enough for me.
Do you know Sri, Dr, Prof. Cingireddy Narayana Reddy?
Yes. Cinare for short!
That is how he siged on the painting!

More paintings from many other collections in the pipeline!!

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