Friday, December 11, 2009

A page from the diary

I am not writing any diary these days.
I used to write and it usually was never about me.
The following page is from 2000.

Here I have kind of done some introspection.
How many days do we do something like that?
In my training classes I usually ask people to spare some time in a day to think about what we have done on that particular day.
But, I am not doing that these days.
I will sure get back into my own style of living again.

Now, about this page.
The last paragraph says,
Why so many ways for your mind?
Why so many avocations?
What do I care about what happens to Telugu poetry?
What do I care about whatever happens to Telugu language?
Why have a feeling that Culture is your fathers property?
Why feel that you breath science?
Is the desire that you should alone do everything driving you forward?
Or, that desire is fettering you?

I think I was right when I asked myself these questions.
That is my problem now!
Too much to do!

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