Monday, December 7, 2009

Rudali - Stories by Mahasweta Devi

Believe me I bought this book in a second hand book shop.
Why do such books end up in wayside stalls and second hand book stalls?

Mahasweta Devi is a celebrated author.
The title story Rudali is made into a motion picture also.
I really do not know how the film is!
The story is moving!
There are five stories and an article on Rudali in this book.
Telugu readers were exposed to lot Bengali literature thanks to Chnadamama groups Chakrapani and  afew other publishers like Desi Grandhamala..
Chandamama groups monthly magazine Yuva used to print a lot of translated novels.
How many people know the name of Panchakadi Dev.
Detective novels from Bengali are very different.
After a long time when I saw this translation published by Hyderabad Book Trust I was excited.
The book is worth reading.
To comment on the author and her works will be like showing a candle to the Sun.
I leave it to you.
Get the book from HBT.
Read it!

Here is some information that will tell you why you should read the book.

This is what the writers says about why she wrote the stories.

 A women who never cries when she is supposed to takes to crying as a business. Rudali means one who cries. The other stories are equally compelling. Go on and read the stories. May be you will cry, at least within.

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