Friday, May 7, 2010

Photographs I liked!

Below is a photograph I am keeping with me for long!
The occassion was a seminar on Telugu short story at the City Centarl library, Chikkadpally, Hyderabad.
Main attraction, Sri Madhrantakam Rajaram, who won the Sahitya Academy award that year.
(Sorry, he is not there in the picture. He just was called upstairs into the auditorium when all of were chatting in the lawns down)

Interestingly, my good friend sri Samala Sadasiva came to the meeting.
It fell on me to introduce him to Vakati and Madhurantakam.
Sri Sadasiva wrote about this in one of his column articles later published as a book also.
Irony is that they all knew each other only through mails and their writings!!

It was such a pleasant occassion!

From left Sarvasri Dr. C madhu, Adivishnu, C Ramachandra Rao, Yours truely, Sadasiva, his son, 
R Sitarama Rao, Vakati panduranga Rao, and who is this? I don't remember, Sorry!

Another photograph just for the fun of it!

Dawn from my corridor!

Photographs are good as memontos!!

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