Friday, May 7, 2010

A page from the diary

He invited saying he would give something.
He took a lot from us.
He understood us a lot.
Later he talked as if he a gave a lot and respected us lot.
What remained is contentedness.
What he proposed to give is something that we would not accept.
The respect is something useful.
It increased our respect for the self.
Strength to talk to anyone without any doubt is now there.
There is something interesting in this.
He did not give what he promised.
He never even said he would give.
He wants you to take the authority and pass it on to someone else.
He gave us a feeling that we are his confidants.
Now there is a hope that there would be a lot of benefit from his side.
Even that is needed.

A hurricane is not needed to disturb the mind.
Even if a butterfly flutters, theer could be a deluge in the mind.
With a similar incidence, a fear would occur, of the lamp being blown out.
There should not be any harm to the reputation.
Respect has become rare.
Where respect is absent, at least money should be there.
They both are two poles apart.
If both of them are missing from a place, it is better to leave from there.

I really don't remember why I wrote these lines!
I neither want to remember!!

Good that we forget things so easily!!

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