Friday, May 14, 2010

Annamayya - Radio Drama

I am enjoying this work of converting old cassttes to mp3s
Joy is much more in sharing the material with friends!

This radio Drama "Annamayya" with Sri Balamurali and Ratnam garu in lead roles, is an interesting find, I should say!
A real vintage Drama.
May be 60s!
People should tell me!

Both, Balamurali and Gopalaratnam sound so young!
So are all the others.

Some of the songs that we listen today are sung in different ragas in this drama.
You will sure like it.
As for the story, it is anybodies guess.
There is not much of documentation about the saint composer Annamayya.
There are only a few anecdote kind of things and each one weaves the story according to own imagination.
Good that there is no visualisation in this like in the stage presenatations and the film.
I remember the unusual scenes and make up in the much acclaimed perormance of a famous dance Guru's opera.
It was horrible to see the thing.
People don't give a thought to the details.
The creation of period is a big challenge in visual media.

Good that what we have here is a radio presenataion.
Voices create the scene.
If you don't ask about the authenticity of the scenes, this is a wonderful creation!

Annamayya - A Radio Drama


Let us enjoy good music!


Vamsi M Maganti said...

Vijay Gopal gaaru

Long see...yes..I visit your blog, though I do not comment....pardon me for that....the last post if I remember right was about sarvagna murti - the kannada poet....

There are thousands of ebooks on and digital library of india websites....If you go through my previous blog posts you can see a synopsis of books / list made for myself which I made public....

Would be interested in carnatic music collection - if possible can you send out a detailed list of things you collected so far - so that I can try and see if I can get them into my personal collection - not for the website! Pls Send me an email at maganti dot org @ gmail dot com

Thanks for your help!

rburra said...

Sri Vijayagopal Garu,

This is an awesome posting. I look forward to meeting you in July.


Great Job !! The future generations will be Thankful to you !