Monday, May 17, 2010

Balamurali - Bhakti Ranjani

Balamurali and Bhaktiranjani are two words that went together for a long time.
I am told the honour of starting Bhakti Ranjani at AIR Vijayawada goes to Sri Murali garu.

I have a handful of songs from AIR Hyderabad's Bhakti Ranjni.

The first two songs are of Sri Kaivara Amara Nareyana Yogi.
These songs were recorded at Hyderabad, I know.
BMK has also released a commercial recordimg of the songs at a later date with totally different set of artists and instrumentalist.

In this recording, Sri Neti Sriarama Sharma, Sri M Chitta Ranjan, Smt Sarada Srinivasan, Smt Pakala savitri etc participated.

Here are the two songs for your listening pleasure.
1) Telisinanduku Gurutu

2) Srikrishnayanu

for those who want these songs in thier personal collection, here is another link:

Here you have these songs and five more by Sri Balamurali from Bhakti Ranjani collection.

Let us enjoy good music!!


Achutha said...


it is really touching and leaves in

memory for ever. achutha rao

Vamsi M Maganti said...

Gopalam gaaru

Can you email me at And yes - you are thinking right :) - I am going to ask you something....Hope we get a chance to talk!


Vamsi M Maganti said...

oops - at gmail dot com

sampath said...

Dear Sir,

Nice to Balamurali Bhakthi Ranjani. Can we get Voleti's Bhakthi ranjani also as he has song many songs through AIR vijayawada like Hanuman Chalisa, Krishnastakam etc Thanks in advance

Hemmige S Prashanth said...

Dear Sir,

I'm looking for Sri Voleti's Hanuman Chalisa since quite some time. Would you have a copy of it digitized that you could share?

Thanks so much.


tsnagarajan said...

Sir: thanks a lot for this wonderful collection.I am one of those rasikas growing with the Bhakthis ranjani.May god bless you

Rahm Subramanian said...

Thanks a lot for these bakthi ranjani gems. Brings back memories from the sixties when I was growing up in Chennai. My father will always tune Vijayawada in the mornings to listen to bakthi ranjani. Do you by any chance have the bhajan song 'Chandrasekara Chandrasekara Pahimam, Chandrasekara Chandrasekara Rakshamam'