Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Vuppala Narasimham - Mudra

Vuppala Narasimham, when writes a story or an article, is very forceful.
As a person, he is very mild.
He is very passionate about his roots.

This book under question is an exceptional work of folklore style.
There is a style of narration of village events and other things.
I have not seen something like this, in my village.
In our area, during marriage processions, there used to be a ritual of singing the praise of the families involved.
Here, there is nothing like that, but, the stories, incidents and personalities are narrated in an unparalleled style.
This is quintessential Telangana literature.

Veteran Sri Madhurantakam Rajaram, writing the foreword, paid rich encomiums to the narrator.
So has another veteran of words, Sri Munipalle Raju.

Am I right when I say that this kind of narration must be the hereditary profession of the writer?
He sounds very authentic.

There is no place where the wordings sound alien.
I envy Sri Narasimham for the falicity he has with his words!
The name of the book is "MUDRA"
The stamp that is!
Indeed it has the stamp of the rural Telangana life.
The lives, styles and the details are almost painted in words.
You need a little patience to understand certain things.
Since you are not exactly aware of what happens in those villages.

I have already put out enough of my fascination for the work!
I will stop now!

See the cover with Vaikuntham's art work.
Read the first bit for yourself!

The book is published long back.
It is a long time I met my friend Narasimham.

Let us enjoy good works of words!

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Nice posting. Do you know about these mudra books?