Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sketches by Sudhakar

People don't become great and then do great things.
They keep doing things according to their own style.
Some of these works will be recognised for their class.
Such people will continue to work on their skills.
Ultimately someday they will be recognised as great people.

Till now, in my blog we have seen the art work of a great artist who came from humble beginnings.
He is still as humble as he could be.

Now, I bring you a few simple pencil sketches by one Sri Sudhakar.
I never met this gentleman.
My wife has shown me these drawings.
I was struck by their quality.
These papers were with me for a long time.
Now, the time has come when I could share them with the world.

Deccan area has some wonderful rock formations.
There is a rock society in Hyderabad, to admire these formations.
Most of the rocks nearer to the city are falling victims to the construction activity in the city.

Artists have frozen the formations in their art works.
The following simple sketches are made during a journey in Nalgonda District, I am told.
These will add to such works, I am sure.

(Click on the images to see them bigger)

Let us enjoy good art work.

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