Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Kaloji Narayana Rao - Autobiography

Not many people write an autobiography.
When written, most of the times, they sound self congratulatory.
There are exceptions though!
I found a few such in Telugu language itself.
They are kind of benchmarks for an autobiography.

I was struck by the way Sri Tirumala Ramachandra Garu wrote his Hampi nundi....
Same was the reaction after reading Sri G Krishna's work.

I realised that I missed readimg Sri Kaloji Narayana Rao's autobigraphy for long.
I had the chance to read it long after it was published.
long after Kalanna has left us like he said in one of his poems.
The same poem is printed on the back cover of the book.
The title of the bookis Idi Naa Godava. ఇదీ నా గొడవ.

It is an interesting title.
Any unwanted noise is Godava.
This noise he created is more than welcome and is almost a history book.
It is a 'must read' for all.

The book is an exhaustive tale of people and times in which the writer lived.
He narrated it to friends.
They have drafted the whole thing into text and printed the book.
Sri Varavara rao wrote the intro.
Kaloji was a very interesting person more than a wonderful poet and all teh other things he was.

This is what he was!
Like a guest, he says, he would leave the earth and go away!
He shows the contradictions in his life as if in a painting!

He says he has walked by foot among thorns.
and also stayed home without stirring out for long!
Did he?
If he stayed home, there must have been a stream of visitors in their place.
This is described enough by writers and friends.
Interestingly Kaloji, looks like said, I have only friends and strangers. No acquaintances!!
You should read about the hospitality at their place!

I'll continue this in the next post tomorrow.
I have a lot to tell!


Daya said...

Hello Vijay Garu -
Where can i get this book? Is it available online? Or point me to the store in hyderabad?

N.Saibabu Reddy said...

where fini can find this NAA GODAVA book......point a store in hyd

Naresh Reddy said...

Do We have book printed version
, please let me where i can find it >?