Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Silence also Speaks!

Yes, Silence also speaks.
It sometimes speaks louder than words.
It speaks stronger than words.
Silence in muisc makes music what it is!
Silence is music!!

However it is not about my ideas on silence.
Here is a collection of Telugu poetry which has this title in Telugu.

ఈ అమ్మగారి కవిత్వాన్నిమరికొంచెం జాగ్రత్తగ చదువ వల్సిన అవుసరమున్నది.
ఈయమ్మ వస్తువులో లోతున్నది.
ఆలోచనలో లోతున్నది.
అభివ్యక్తిలో లోతున్నది.

అందుకే ఈయమ్మ అంతమాట అనగలిగింది.
మౌనమూ మాట్లాడుతుందని!

The Title Poem

మౌనమూ మాట్లాడుతుంది

My humble trial of Translation

Silence also Speaks!

Does it just mean silence?
It is the arrow called dejection,
aimed at heart,
after seperating sound from words
and soaking them in deep emotions.

Quietness is thus
sharper than words.

Quietness, that
halted the torrent of words
with one sharp look, and
hid the blood sodden ideas
under the eyelids,
is the personification of mercy.

There would be small little voids,
full in the heart,
like the empty nests
hanging from the barren dry tree.

Quietness is the comment
on those voids.

Don't make it talk.
If quietness explodes, it would be dangerous.
మరో కవిత.
శీర్షిక అడుగులు

My Translation

When you go up,
with each step
you will go away from the earth
but can never reach the sky.
It is not important which way you proceed,
rather it is for what!

It is not about
ambulations around a temple
or, getting into the field.
The sincerity and the concentration
are your companions.
Mind may become stable.
The stable lives will not go anywhere.
If you stay put like a post in the porch
what about the travel?

However all the steps in life can never be
As you sow the row in teh field,
you move backwards.
But, when you proceed with asickle
for harvesting, it is progress.

That is why, I say,
determination is important for the step.

This lady read that the sparrows have become scarce and wrote a piece.

In that she says,

పిచ్చుకా! పిచ్చుకా!
ఇంత పిట్టవు!
ఇంత పెద్ద ప్రపంచంలో నువ్వు పట్టవు.

Sparrow! O! Sparrow!
You are a little bird.
You would not fit in this world.
(Or it could mean no one is worried about you!)

Hats off to you madam!

By the way, Smt. Aruna's husband Prof.N Gopi is a well known poet and academician!

Let us enjoy good works!

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