Thursday, January 7, 2010

Paintings with Autographs

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In the recent posts on Paintings we have seen the works of Sri Kapu Rajaiah.

We will now get back to the paintings from the Souvenir of First World Telugu Conference.
You will remember that this set of paintings had a value addition.
I have collected the autographs of some poets and writers on the paintings included in the volume.

This time we shall see couple of paintings.

This is a work of painter M A Raheem.
The autograph is that of Saraswatiputra Sriman Puttaparti Narayanacharya

I had the good fortune of talking and keeping company with this great soul for only a few hours.
I am told that Sri Acharyaulu was learning another language at the age of 80 or beyond.
He was already an expert in many languages.
Someone asked him, why learn another language at this late age.
The poet and polyglot said "జీవుని వేదన!"
It meant "The struggle of the soul!"

Great people are beyond our simple imagination!

The next painting is here.

(Please click on the images to see them in their origunal size)
Painter M Rajaji
Autograph is of Bhagavatula Shankara Sastry @ Arudra

I never met are talked to sri Arudra.
But, I have almost adored him.
He was a real versatile person.
Apart being a literary joint, he also wrote songs and dialogues for films.

I always remember the line "నీవెక్కదలుచుకున్న రైలు ఒక్క జీవితకాలం లేటు!"
The train you want to take is late by a lifetime.

What a thought!

Let us enjoy good art works!

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