Monday, January 18, 2010

Ravuri Bharadwaja - 2

Dr Bharadwaja is an exceptionally good story teller.
His popular novel "Pakudurallu" is available now also in the market.
His short stories are very moving.
He writes about the human feelings with an unparalelled intensity.

However, pleasantly, the work that I brought to you in an earlier post is different.
These are perhaps poems.
To me, they are not!
They are thoughts expressed in a simple way!
Bharadwaja called them "Veluturu Chinukulu", "Drops of Light"
This idea itself is good!

Here are more of the drops for you to enjoy!

This time I will desist from translating him.
You should not try to translate everything.
Certain things are good only in their original form.
I know people hav etried and translated even Kanyasulkam.
I dare not even to think of reading some works in another language.
That is the beauty of languages.
In any language there would be certain works that would not yield to translation.
I really do not classify Bharadwaja's works in that category.
But, somehow, I felt, they are good as they are!

Let us enjoy good works of words!


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