Friday, November 19, 2010

Yaminipoorna Tilaka - A Radio Drama

This is an interesting drama.
Radio adaptation of Bilhaneeyam, the famous kavyam.

Sri Sesham Ramanujacharya was the author.
I should confirm whether the verses were adapted from an earler work.

Usually radio dramas are of the length of 60 minutes or less.
This one goes a little longer.
When the drama was put on AIR first, it ended abrupltly at the 60th minute leaving the listeners in a situation.

The drama was again b'cast within a few days in its full version.

Prof G V Subrahmanyam, a well known writer and critic did the role of Bilhana.
Did he ever act in any other radio drama?
He was of course taking part in the much acclaimed "Bhuvana Vijayam" those days.
He did a memorable role.

Smt Sarada Srinivasan as Yamini in is unparalelled.
There is a sequence towards the end of the play where she goes on in a monologue kind of dialogue shifting moods without an effort.
I asked her whether the scene was recorded in a single take. She said "Yes!"
It shows!
That is talent!!

I request all my friends to listen to this play!

Here is the link from where You can download the tarcks.

Yaminipoorna Tilaka - Radio Play

Let us enjoy great works with words!!

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