Thursday, November 11, 2010

K Siva Reddy's Poem

Sri K Siva Reddy as a poet has mellowed down.
Now he writes about the inability of doing certain things too!
One should read his poem about telling the truth under certain conditions!
That was quintessential Siva Reddy, the fighter.
Age has made him reflect on the life a lot and now he says the world would go on even if we are not there!

The poem that I am presenting here is the translation of one of his fine works!

Read on!!

What do poets do?

What do poets do?
Give voice to the walls
Eyes to the trees, tone to the winds

What do poets do?
Oppose the authority
Give hands to the populace
infinite power to the white paper

What do poest do
Pick up a hand ful of soil and curse
Even if the forehand is cut
With their half limbs, write poetry on the wall
In ochre colour for half a second
Poems that appear on the walls

Next moment
Will appear on the bodies of people
Bodies come rolling like oceans
Sand grains turn into stanzas and grow

Blame the home for the walls
Blame the man for the home
Blame the country for the men

Yes, what you want is
House without the walls, men without a house
Country without people

You are the coronated of the kingdom of desert
Rule your desert, desert you rule

what do poest do
Resist the law
Write poetry on the desert
Desert gradually
Turns into a live nation

What do poets do
Give voice to the walls
Eyes to the trees, tone to the winds
Hands to the populace

Hand them the poem of infinite power!

Let us enjoy good poetry!!

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