Thursday, November 4, 2010

A page from the Diary - Time

After some gap here is another page from my diary!
So, this was the beginning.
I developed on this idea and spoke about it on many occassions.

I mused about time in 1999.
I still am smitten with this theme!

Brain works sharply after you lie down to sleep.
It happened to me yesterday.
It would be nice if such ideas come when I am writing.
The matter is about man and time!

Time is dynamic. It hurls the man into the future. It never moves back either fast or slow.
Sometimes we get a feeling of going round and round at the same place even if the time is moving.
Time has to, aftera all, move with a definite speed!
Then how can it become fast or go in circles?
Which way does it move?
Forward and backward are after all relative concepts.

A stone standing in running waters would perceive the speed of the water.
But, it does not move with waters.
It may wear away a little.
Man would be swept by the time.

These days I get a feeling of standing in running waters while reading.
The page being read appears to be understood.
The page that is already read would not stay in memory.
And, no thought about the upcoming page!
This is a peculair experience.

As the number of knots in the brain increases some gates get closed.
So, you remeber the past, but not the present!
It is a sign of old age!!

I cannot believe I wrote these lines!
There are already enough ideas about this topic floating in the world!

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