Thursday, November 25, 2010

Nandini Sidha Reddy - Poetry

Sidha Reddy is a friend right from the university days. We spent many an evening discussing poetry and short story etc.
Nandini stopped writing short stories for reasons beyond my understanding.
His poetry also has become rare.
Life sometimes takes it's toll on people.
But, he is still the same enthusiastic person even now.
People may remember his participation in the TV discussion on Telangana and literature.

Here is his latest poetry compilation.
He has matured into a poet with force.
He happens to be a protege of K Siva Reddy and openly accepts the same.

I also tried to translate couple of his poems as usual.
Here you go with one of them.


If hail coming down
Is rain
I curse that rain
I dont care if you consider me an irritable character
I longed that paddy ears sing

If rolling in mud
Is life
I refuse that life
It is OK if you consider me mad
I wanted that the birds fly

If hanging the villages
Is development
I boycot that development
I dont mind if you get me announced as old fashioned
I wished that the tanks live

If serving their own people
Is ruling
I disobey that governance
It is OK if you consider me a revolutionary
I thought that the chimney of labour shine

If the arrogance of usurping
Is unity
I condemn that unity
It is alright if you stamp me as a seperatist
I am giving an offering asking for us what belongs to us.

Here is the second one with the original version too!


ఆపద కొత్త కాదు
తన చెమటవలె
కష్టం కూడా కొత్త కాదు
కొత్తగా కాలం అమ్ముడువొయి
కష్టాన్ని అవమానించింది
పనిని పక్కు జరుపుతూ
ఒక మాటల శిల్పం ముందుకు వచ్చింది
ప్రాణశక్తులన్నీ తెల్లబొయినయి.


Danger is nothing new
Like own sweat
Toil is also nothing new
Newly time got sold
And insulted the toil
Pushing the work aside
An art of talk came to the fore
In the world
All the forces of life were flabberghasted.

Let me hasten to add that these are by no means the representative poems.
There are better ones in the collections that he published.

Either on the path made by the carts or the side track
Feet should move
Farmers legacy
Even if there is no rain
Must look at the sky
Even with the knowledge that none would come
Must cry where you feel like
Either it is paper or love
Only in the place wher you lost it
Must search for
Having filled sweet thoughts
All the near and dear unnaturally
To make the winds feel
Must sing here itself

Let us enjoy some good works with the words!

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srikanth said...

Nice poetry...Poet may have experienced the ups and downs of life or observed life(and local culture) very closely.