Monday, December 6, 2010

Pagal Shayar - Raja Hyderabadi

Asharaju has turned into Raja Hyderabadi!
His latest volume of poems on Hyderabad is really a masterpiece!
I have written a mail with the following lines to Raju when I read the book lovingly sent by him!
Typically an old timer, Raju never saw the mail!

This is the title page of Raju's latest book.
He has perfected the art of producing lovly books!

I really do not want to translate the featured poem "I am from the old City!"!

Lest it loses it's flavour!

This is an uncorked
Bottle of perfume
Tread cautiously
Walk with love
If your foot touches it
My Hyderabad
Would spill off
Poetry would spill off

Let us enjoy fine writings!

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