Monday, December 13, 2010

Haragopal on Telugu Short Story

Prof. Haragopal is an academician with difference.
He was asked to review the book of stories published by Vasireddy Naveen and Papineni Sivashankar.
On completing 20 volumes of story collections they brought out a collection of stories from the collections.
They got up a day long meeting of writers at the Telugu University.
Many stalwarts like Kalipatnam and others were present.
Haragopal made an eloquent speech.
In the beginning he spoke how the academic books are reviewed.
He tried to draw parallels and tell that reviewing creative works calls for more diligence.
The gentleman from The Hindu almost misquoted Haragopal in a write up later!

I bring here the initial few minutes of the talk.
The bit is an example of the speakers suitability to the task!
It is not the total lecture please!

I searched for an image of Prof Haragopal on the net!
Nope! None found!
That is Haragopal for you!

Let us enjoy some plain speaking!


Srinivas said...

Thank you Gopalam garu for sharing the audio. As some one interested in human stories, political economy and development issues found it enjoyable.


Srinivas said...
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