Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Palapitta - Balamurali Special

There is a Telugu magazine by name "Palapitta" being published for the last nine months.
I knew that the magazine was coming out regularly.
I even met the editor Mr Gudipati.
I offered my assistance in putting up the content.
Many of the journalists do not know me as a writer.
They only know me as a science commuincator and an administrator.
Even I do not talk about my writing to people.

I came to know that Palapitta issue of the month July 2010 was a special on Balamurali.
I had an occassion of attending a literary evening conducted by the magazine and grabbed the chance to buy a copy of the above said issue.

It is not any wonderful issue to be frank!
There are 25 full pages dedicated to BMK.
Of them only the interview and the longish piece by Kodavatiganti Rohini Prasad are a little interesting.
I did not find anything new in the interview.
It included even the routine shake hand and invitation to visit again!
The young lady does not know that BMK does that with all people!

The article mentioned is a piece with least adulation.
I liked the way the writer mentioned some of his own feelings.

There is an article talking about the compositions of BMK.
It is dry to say the least!

By the way, it is Prince Aswathi Rama Verma and not Ram Mohan as mentioned in the interview, who is the disciple of BMK!

People need to know their subject well to produce such issues!
They should also look for right people to contribute material.

Good thing is that when no one noticed BMK turning 80, this magazine did!!
It deserves a Hurray!
The photographs including the one on the cover are good!

This magazine, I noticed, has preserved the old issues and is selling them!
Try your luck if interested in getting a copy costing only Rs 30!


16-11-20/6/1/1,  403,  Vijayasai Residency
Hyderabad - 500036

Let us enjoy good works on arts!


Lakshmi Raghava said...

thank you for giving details of PALAPITTA..i was searching for this magazine
lakshmi raghava

Soujanya said...

naa ko avakaasam iste nenu edo chinnapati kavitalu, katalato ,vyasalato mee samayalo o konni gantalu teesukundamani