Monday, October 4, 2010

A page from the Diary!

Once again my musings!
A page from the diary!
The page is written on 2nd October 1999

 For a gentleman called Stephen Hawking the body refuses to work! He cannot even talk! But his brain works on behalf of the entire body! So, he is known as the most intelligent man today! Blind people would not have any unnecessary information in the brain. And they remember the necessary things very well! I remember blind Shantappa taking water from the well and Narsimulu identifying Nanna with the sound of the Bicycle even today! Why do we have so many diversions? If all are intelligent and are able to control the mind,  everything would be as easy as that! But the looks are always attracted by something different!

Everything may appear alright in the big picture! A person may look handsome or intelligent in the first instance. The reality would be coming out clearly only when looked at with seriousness. World these days is happy with outer sheen and even lack of that also! We are also a part of this world. I am perhaps inclined to look into the matters with a little more seriousness. Looks like there would be only one theme left for the life! Incompleteness! There starts the problem!!

It is not possible for all to see and show the subject in its entirety!
What prompted me to say that?

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