Thursday, October 21, 2010

Poetry and Analysis

Vidwan Viswan garu has collected some gems from the old literature and put them in Telugu verse.
The following lines are really interesting.
To be frank, everything he wrote is interesting.

I like poetry and also would like to comment on it!
So, the lines appealed to me a little more.

He says,

కఠినతర తర్క
వాక్ప్రసంగంబుల వలన
కావ్య నిర్వచనము
సేయ గడగుటెల్ల

గడ్డపారలు, గొడ్డండ్లు,
గదలు దెచ్చి
ముక్కుపోగు నమర్చెడు

Trying to define a work of poetry
with high sounding discourse
is like
trying to fix a nose stud
with the help of
crowbars, axes and maces.

What a thought, from wherever it is!

Poetry is poetry and it has to be understood only in that spirit.
I am sure that the premise of only poets reading  and enjoying poetry of others calls for some review.
If you know how to enjoy poetry, you would be excited with some of the thoughts.
Poetry is not mere word play!
It is the heart of someone with strong feelings!!

Let us enjoy some good poetry!!

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