Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Vemana Padyam

After some gap, here is another padyam of Vemana.

mATalADagalgu marmamulerigina
pinna peddatanamu lenna valadu
pinna cEti divve peddaga velugadA
viswadAbhirAm vinura vEma

మాటలాడగల్గు మర్ముములెరిగిన 
పిన్న పెద్దతనము లెన్న వలదు
పిన్న చేతి దివ్వె పెద్దగ వెలుగదా
విశ్వదాభిరామ వినుర వేమ

మాటలాడగల్గు = the capability of communicating
మర్ముములు = intricacies
ఎరిగిన = knowing
పిన్న పెద్దతనములు = the age differences
ఎన్న వలదు = don't take into consideration
పిన్న చేతి దివ్వె = the torch in the hands of a youngster
పెద్దగ వెలుగదా = would it not burn bright

If the person knows the intricacies of communication, don't consider his age.
(Listen to him even if he is a youngster)
The torch in the hands of the youngster would as well burn bright.
It's glow would not diminish just because the person holding is young!

Vemana suggest that the qualities of people are more important than the age.
One who is young, if good at his craft, must be respected as well like the others in the trade.
Here the poet is particularly mentioning the capability of talking.
He is going a little deeper talking about the intricacies in this skill.

These days communication skills are much talked about.
There are any number of institutions that teach all kinds of learning.
Hardly any teach the skills of talking and inter personal skills.
Even the so called finishing schools do not attach much importance to the faculty of communication.

When once the individual steps into the big bad world, it is the words from them that matter!
In an interview for a job they almost threaten you with questions.
Confidence no doubt is necessary.
With that, the skill of telling the world about your ideas and impress the others would ensure success.

Once this skill is there, one can compete with anyone in this world!

That is exactly what Vemana means here!
A torch is like the skill.
It does not burn better just because one is older!

The words of Vemana re relevant even today!


INDIAN said...

Mastaaru, "Would the torch burn brighter if it is there in the hands of the youngster?" --> may have been "A torch would be brighter even though in the youngster's hand"

INDIAN said...

OR --> Would n't the torch burn brighter if it is there in the hands of the youngster?

yuddandisivasubramanyam said...

i love it.