Sunday, January 8, 2012

Kondapalli Seshagiri Rao - Sujata

Today the statue of Sri Suravaram Pratapa Reddy Garu is installed in Mahabubnagar.
Yesterday I came to know of this during my visit to the Palamooru University along with Dr K N Reddy, the VC in charge.

Only a few days back I had an interaction with an unknown friend about Suravaram through mails.
Long back I had discussions with Sri Sudhakara Reddy garu and his sister on separate occassions about the works of their father.

His language and dedication to the work are a legend!
Recently I stumbled on the cover page of the magazine "Sujata" run by Pratapa Reddy Garu.
The drawing is by Sri Kondapalli Seshagiri Rao Garu.
It is the Sujata episode from the life of Buddha!
The best part is that the picture is older than me!!
It was for the issue of Aug 15th, 1950.

This is my way of saluting the legendary figure Sri Suravaram, and also Sri Rao, who is interestingly still among us!

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