Thursday, January 5, 2012

I am on the Tube You See!

The other day I was walking towards a friends house. Two men were walking from the

opposite direction. They were talking to each other. One of them looked at me and slowed

down. With folded hands he wished me. I never knew this person. I think my face amply

gave the hint to the man. He came a bit closer and said " We saw you on the TV". He went

on appreciating my style on the TV and the patience that I show towards the children and

declared that even his mother likes the show. They walked back along me to my destination

and then departed with a promise of keeping in touch.The second gentleman hardly spoke.
He has not seen me on TV I thought.

I was at the post office for no fault of mine. A friend sent a bulky (Not really) parcel

by speed post and the postman asked me to pick it up from their office. He bluntly

refused to deliver the parcel at home. This is a subject for a discussion at a different

place though. Since I valued the material sent to me, went to the place without making a

deal about it. I was walking to my auto when there came a gentleman with the broadest

smile that you could have. He greeted me with all the respect. Then he went on to tell me

that they made it a point to watch my quiz show every week. He profusely appreciated me

till I was perhaps embarassed. I wished the postman has seen my quiz show on TV.

Some top scientists were being felicitated with an award or something like that and a

friend was particular that I should be there for the occassion. I was there. Unusually

there was food served after the program. I was there too because of my freind. There came

another gentleman once again with the warmth and a smile of the top order. I asked him if

he watched my quiz show. Yes he did and recognised me. We talked for a while and though

not long enough, we found a lot of common freinds and topics of interests. There is even

a chance of me being invited for a celebration in one of those places of our common

interest. We departed after exchanging phone numbers.

Interestingly none of them knew my name.

There are a lot of people who call and tell me about the quiz I am conducting on DD

Saptagiri. Some of them from unexpected quarters!

There was one who even pointed a mistake of mine out. I like that!

The best part is the gentleman who presses my wife's sarees regularly and my clothes too

once in a while wishes me with all the respect these days. Earlier he never even notice

my existence at my place.

It is different matter that my wife is more popular than me! But, I am also popular these

days!! I am on the telly you see!!

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