Monday, August 16, 2010

Science and Human Values

Prof G V Subrahmanyam Garu was heading Yuva Bharati those days and they were celebrating 20 years of the organisation.
I was a follower of the work of the organisation right from the inception.
It was kind of honour for me when the great Professor asked me to speak at one of the seminar's in connection with the bidecennials.
Couple of speakers sceduled in teh session did not show up!
The session was to end with lunch.
If I speak only for the 15 minutes allotted to me none would be there to partake the lunch and perhaps not many for the post lunch session.

I asked the professor if I could speak for longer.
Professor told it would be a favour!
I spoke nearly for an hour!!
I stopped when I noticed the arrival of the food at the venue!!

I cannot express my joy after the session!
I arrived as a speaker at that level!!
Prof said it was a favour that I did when I thanked him or the chance given!!

Much later they have decided to print the seminar content in a book form.
I said I don't even remember what I spoke.
The Professor was particular that I write the article!!
There was a function got up to release the four books on the seminar!
I remember the book with my article came on to the stage in the last minute right from the press!
I was the reason for that!

Let me confess, I did not exactly know what values meant!
It was Mr. Danish Iqbal, my junior colleague who educated me on the concept!

Here I bring the article for you to read and decide if all the trouble of mine and the professor was worth it!


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