Sunday, August 15, 2010

Damerla Rama Rao - Paintings!!

Misimi, the magazine has changed its format coulpe of months back.
They continue to print some exceelent paintings, interestingly now in biggers Size!!

Here are three such masterpieces of none other than Great Damerla Rama Rao Garu!!
The works are stunning!!

I don't think Misimi is avilable on line!
I don't mind bringing some excellent articles about art and literature also here for the reading pleasure of my friends who cannot reach the magazine in its print form!!

Let me know if you want teh magazine content!!

Now the paintings!!

(Click on the images to see them in bigger size)

Let us enjoy good works of the brushes!!


Vamsi M Maganti said...


Misimi is available in the digital library of india website. URL here -

Pls do a search for misimi in the title field of search criteria and you will see atleast 180 of them. FYI - you have to install ttfviewr - about which you will be advised on the bottom of the page


విజయవర్ధన్ said...
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విజయవర్ధన్ said...

శ్రీ గోపాలం గారు, నమస్కారము. మిసిమి పత్రిక చందా వివరాలు అందించగలరా. నేను బెంగుళూరులో వుంటాను.
- విజయవర్థన్

విజయవర్ధన్ said...

Googleలో వెతికితే వారి website దొరికింది. వెంటనే online transfer చేసి చందా కట్టాను. వారి website:

AKKI said...

Indeed he was a genious who even now dnt get due..............saw the gallery At in not so great place..............If we dont admire our own master hero...........

he is inspiration............a awesome talent.feel fortunate to his works......can be n must kept beside any great ester year artist.

deserve soundly............