Thursday, August 26, 2010

Page from the Diary

Here is another page from my diary.

I made it a point to write on the thoughts occured on that day and not exactly the happenings!

The thoughts might have occured because of some happenings!

You will not even find names in my diary usually!

The physical power surrenders before the might of mental power. In the mental power there is a stunning character. One fellow brought down a palm tree with a hit of his sword. Another one brought this man down without as much lifting his hand. In such a situation, the later is supposed to be more sronger!

Jared Diamond of the "Guns, Germs nad Steel" fame, tells a different story! Intelligent people in the forests remained in the forests. The less intelligent civilised folks could rule over them. How was it possible? One is training and the other the milieu in which people live. The theory and the causes are fit to be discussed at a very high level.

One who studies the life is superior to the one who studies only books. There was a story in which a philosopher becomes a fool before an oil monger. I am reminded of it!

May be I tell the story here for the benefit of those who do not know it!

This philosopher went to the oil monger to buy some oil. there was an ox working the oil mill. the master was nowhere around. But, the ox was very sincerely going round and round. The philosopher was curious. He asked the man how he knows whether the ox was going round or not. The man said that there is a bell in its neck and he listens to its sound. Philosopher asked what would he do if the ox stands in a place and shakes the bell and produces noise. The oil monger coolly said, "It is not educated like you!!"

The oil monger is not an intelligent being after all. But, interestingly is ox is also not intelligent. Thoughts and discussions may raise a humna to heights. They can also throw him into an abyss.

Unnecessary doubts are the hallmarks of thinking people!!

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