Monday, August 2, 2010

C V Raman Letters

I don't want to write anything about these letters!

I will rather write about a person who gave me a chance to read this isuue of Bhavan's Journal!
There is a gentleman (Is he still around?) by name Sri Hari Adiseshu garu.
I knew him from the school days at Mahabubnagar.
He was on the faculty of B. Ed. College there.
Later I met him in Hyderabad and came to know a lot about him.
As is uaual, I am good at making friends with real elderly people, and Adiseshu garu also became one.

He used to visit me frequently at my office.
One day when he came I said "I have to write about Sir C V Raman and do not have any real good material about him."
He went back without any comment.
Perhaps the next morning, he came with a bag full of papers, magazines and stuff.
It contained even the pages from a news paper of the day on which Raman was awarded the Nobel!
This special issue of Bhavan'sournal is the only thing from that collection, that is still with me.
I lost a lot of my precious collection and that should make another story!

Adiseshu garu was an equally mad man like me that he drove away his wife and children from the place since they never liked his books nad collection of nick nacks! I am not being driven away from home by my wife and children yet!

I am a real bad fellow to not to have kept in touch with him!
The last time when I inquired, I was told he was in no position to recognise people.
Kaloji was another person whom I lost like that!
Did I Lose Adiseshu Garu also?

At last the Raman letters!

Let us witness history in it's original form!

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Ramana said...

Hari Adiseshu garu passed away in 2001