Monday, July 12, 2010

Rayaprolu Rajasekhar - The Poet

Not many these days know Sri Rayaprolu Rajasekhar.
Even I don't know him.
I only heard about him.
He was a very senior officer at All India Radio.
Recently when Sumanaspati came to record my interview for a National Programme about AIR Hyderabad, his name came up during discussion.
Rayaprolu Srinivas is known because there were some programmes about him at University of Hyderabad .

I am curious to learn about Sri Rajasekhar!

Here is a piece of his poetry I found in a book.

This poem is a tribute to Wales poet Dylan Thomas on his demise.
This shows that Sri Rajasekhar was keen on world poetry.

I dare not translate the poem, since the expression is so profound!
I only imagine what he would have written in English!!


Let us enjoy good poetry!!

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