Friday, July 16, 2010

The Bus Departed - A Story by Guduri Seetaram

When Sri Seetaram came home, I thought he is another old man in search of friends!
When I read his stories, I am thrilled to the core!
Why did he stop writing?
I should find him and talk to him!

The story here is an example of the art of writing prose!
I am sure you will agree!

Go ahead! Read and enjoy!

The bus went away!

The bus moved.

Stopped unable to move ten yards.
My mind also same. How the three days went may be not known to the clocks and time also.
I stopped the watch that showed ten in the night so early. I am a mad man. Can I stop the time? Friends are departing by that bus. I asked myself why they are leaving so early. Not me, I asked the friends in the bus who are there in my heart. What do they answer? A million reasons. He talks of the job. She tells exam are nearing. Damn the exams and damn the job, I raised upon. What use? Even I am in something like a job and writing something like exams and going on!

OK! Can we stay together forever? Most said, today and tomorrow.
That is the question that evades an answer.
I can say why they are going. But, I cannot see the matter that crops the day after tomorrow. I don’t even want to.

What is this after all? This is a senseless mindless question. Even then evades answer. The liking and friendship in him, the love like on a child on her, they together tied me up. Who would not be happy to look at the pearls cleaned by the stream of time? Who would sit in a corner avoiding loving people who open their hearts like jasmines and talk to you? I am not an inert. Some awakening is rubbing my eye lids.

They are married to each other. I cannot believe myself. But, it happened. All the friends who could not attend the marriage cursed us like the enraged serpent that relieves its venom with vengeance. Listening to sundry small talk, held the looks that were nodding approval.

With that there was this start for me losing faith in him.

Heart pined saying the camaraderie of the childhood has already given way. The trial to make the heart a stone became stones themselves.

I am loner till yesterday. She too. Till the last mid night there was a fear that the bridge on his head may collapse anytime.

Today it is not there. Thousands of vehicles, no even if the entire world walks on it together, it wouldn’t collapse.

She gave me that confidence to me. He lives like the stray flower in a park.

Not now anymore!

Now he has become a green flower with her.

I saw her for the first time.

It was mere musing. He and her together millions of times in my eyes, brain, soul, body, here, there, everywhere, appeared as if together since childhood.

I thought why even this can’t be musing?

She said no and slapped me hard on the cheek. Something rose from the heart and went round together for three days.

Is that all?


Isn’t it not enough?

What else for this life sans a sense?

He was with me all through the education. Such a person never invited for the marriage.

She is educated without my knowledge. How can a bear? Fear that a pin would go into the gullet and I would die and timidity, bad memories, many things passed in a moment.

Her and him, no… her.. hmmm..hmmm… him, no no..when I looked at them together doubts and fears without a trace, like ether or some other way, flew away.

The moments full with ambrosia. What remained in thses moments is the memory of the taste. No, it is like all the suffering of the people of the world is injected into me.

She is looking without words. He was trying to say something. I was doing both the things that they were doing. Bus again tried to move.

A bomb exploded in the heart. Would the bus stop again? A hope.

Mad hope.

May be hope is like that.

No stopping. It moved. Now, that I should say a lot, run after that, blood forges.

Where is the strength?

Bade goodbye with pale smiles.

Bus moved out of sight.

That is why

I don’t believe comforts

But only on companionship.

To Kanaparthy – Anasuya who would give heart for companionship.

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