Thursday, July 8, 2010

Children of Alchoholics - A Book

Avagahana is understanding.
This Telugu book sure gives an understanding of the plight of children brought up in families with alchoholics.
Smt Sridevi Muralidhar comes from an illustrious family and taken up social work and related research.
The dedication in bringing up this publication is worth not appreciation but emulation.
I wish literary books are brought out with such an attractive layout and cohesive content.

This book talks about the problem of alchoholism and its effect on children
All in an easy to read and understand style.
It makes you read and feel bad about the matter.
That is exactly what is needed.
With simple but elegant black and white illustrations by popular artist Bali, the narration has gained more acceptability.
It is not a big tome either.
The reading material is less than 60 pages.

Incidentally I had written a few lines as my impression about the book and the matter found place in the book.

Here is what I felt on reading the book!

Many books when read, forget about a benefit, there wouldn't be any loss if you don't read it. But I felt not reading this book would lead to loss.
Alcholism is all pervasive from the cream of the society to the underdogs.
Children in such families are the worst hit.
This book has a lot of information in this regard.
I felt like getting a lot of copies of the book made and distribute  them.
We should not leave the book just with reading.
We should make as many people as possible to read it.
After that, if there is something that can be done in this regard we should sure do it!!

Let us support good causes.

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