Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dhammapadam - An extract

I found this in a book pf poetry by Vidwan Vishvam.
He religiously collected some words of extraordinary expression and put them in Telugu.
Not much is known about the classics of various faiths to us including our own!
To read such works is sometimes an eye opening kind of experience.

With bare waist and long tresses
If you move around on the zenith
With leaves and fibers
make your raiment
Ash, earth, dust on your body
if you smear,
On boulders and stones
sleep sans a pillow,
How does it help to cleanse the mind?
Without troubling the living beings,
Not pining to become the Lord of people,
When you deal with world
With compassion isn't it?
That your heart gets clean
and attains peace and tranquility!

Let us enjoy good words!!

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