Monday, July 5, 2010

M K Tyagaraja Bhagavatar Songs

M K Tyagaraja Bhagavatar was a legend in his own time.

There is a lot to read about this giant of a singer.
I am smitten by his ease and style!!

Though I cannot understand the meaning of the songs fully I like them immensley.
I am particularly drawn to the song "Jayakrishna Mukunda Murare"
There is a very popular song in the Telugu film Panduranga Mahatyam with the same starting words!
I am sure MKT's song preceds the latter!
Or am I wrong?

I bring here a set of songs for the pleasure of Rasikas!

01 Sopanavazhavil - Sivakavi 43.mp3
02 Krishna mukunda -Haridas 44.mp3
03 Manmatha leelayai - Haridas.mp3
04 Rajan Maharajan - Shyamala 52.mp3
05 Satvaguna Ashok kumar 41.mp3
06 Deenakarunakarane - Tiruneelakanthar 39.mp3
07 Unai Kandu - Ashok Kumar 41.mp3
08 Amba manam - Sivakavi 43.mp3
09-Maraivai - Tiruneelakanthar 39.mp3
10-Janakan ondru - Chintamani 37.mp3
11-Nattiyakalaiye - sivakavi.mp3
12-Oru naal - Tiruneelakanthar 39.mp3
13-Bhoomiyil - Ashok Kumar 41.mp3
13-Pavazha Maal - Tiruneelakanthar 39.mp3
15-Maname Nee - Sivakavi 37.mp3
16-Dhyaname Unadu.mp3
18-Annayum - Haridas

Let us enjoy good music!!


nAradA said...

All the songs you have here are from two cassettes commercially released by The Gramaphone Company of India. I am not sure if you can display them publicly.

srg said...

where is the song no: 2 krishna mukunda

Rajendiran RVR said...
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Rajendiran RVR said...

You Did A GREAT Work For M.K.T. Thank YOU. KeepitUp. - rvr.rajendiran.