Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Azhagar Kuravanji - Photos

In the National Programme Of Music, All India Radio broadcast an Opera with the above title.
When was that?
This is a work of Kavikunjara Bharati.
Music was given by Sri A Narayana Iyer assisted by Sri K Nagamani.

The participants were Prof P Samba Murthy (Advisor)


P Nagamani
Vairamangalam Lakshmi narayanan
Shirgazhi Govinda Rajan
A P Komala
G Vaidehi
(Pictures appear in that order)

There is also a picture of Smt P Leela who sang the "Song of the Month" that month.
I have only the pictures!
I wish somebody has the recording!!

Let us enjoy great memoirs!

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