Friday, September 16, 2011

Kuppili Padma - Book

Kuppili Padma is an interesting writer.
She has written prose.
It sounds so poetic.
The thoughts are profound.
At places stunning too!

This is the book she gave me long back.
The following are short excerpts from the same.
They are not the complete pieces.

We know hugging that cause goose pimples. We also know touching a person who is hundreds of miles away simply with the thoughts.

Touch is a language of a ten million megabytes that flows between a person and the other. that is a language that does not call for an interpreter. it's absence where required and occurrence where unwanted is a sad example of  the styles of the world.

Novelty is always interesting. 

It appears attractive. Strokes passion up. comes up with doubts. 

It creates apprehensions. Enthuses. rakes up aspirations. Lights up urges.

Novelty is always very tricky and intoxicating. 

A new leaf, newborn baby, new book, new place and a new play! New song, new planet, new breeze, new water, new acquaintance.

New Year.... many more!

Let us enjoy good works of words!

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