Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Prof. N. Gopi

Gopi is a friend for long.
His place Bhongir was the connection then.
I worked at that place for a short period.
The Telugu language is the second link.

His research on Vemana made him a famous man.
His poetry went place from place.
He became Dr Gopi.
Then he became Prof Gopi.
Then he became the Vice Chancellor of the Telugu Unversity.
Interestingly, Gopi remained what he was!
A Friend!

This book, a volume published on the occassion of his Sixtieth birthday, is a fine tribute to my friend.
There are articles by many frinds there.
I partcularly like the piece by a common friend, Prof. Kishan Rao.
It is really touching.

I thought I salute my friend by bringing the piece to my blog page.
Intrestingly Mrs Aruna, Gopi's wife, was featured in my blog earlier.
She is a fine poet too!

Let us enjoy some good books!


మాగంటి వంశీ మోహన్ said...

Is this book available for common public? If yes, can you pls let me know the details? Dwa.Na.SAstry gaaru has taken me out to meet Sri Gopi and it was a very memorable moment.

Vijayagopal said...

Gopi sent me this copy.
I am not sure the book is available in the market. Why dont you ask Dwa. Na Garu? You could get a copy!

sai kumar said...

Dear Sir...

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