Monday, January 24, 2011

Bhimsen Joshi - The Legend

People come and people go.
There are only a few people who make a difference.
Even among them, there are only a handful, who are loved by all.
Pandit Bhimsen Joshi was (Oh! My God!) one such Giant!

I heard him with the adoration of a student.
Was it happening because he wanted to excell in music?

I feel music chose him to excell itself!
I was in tears when the news came of the end of a journey.
How many noticed that he passed away on Pushya Bahula Panchami?

As a tribute, I bring you here my most favourite song by Joshiji!
Bhagyada Lakshmi!
Many people who do not even know Kannada sing it!
It is different when the Master sings it!

 A tearful adieu Master!


Srinivas said...


My name is Srinivas. I live in Hyderabad and I have been one of the many who visit your site but not leave a comment. I have bookmarked your site so that I can keep checking its content regularly. One day, I would like to listen to all the great music that you saved for us.

Today, I listened to Bhimsenji's rendition of Bhagyada Lakshmi. I listen very rarely to Hindusthani. But today, I was almost in tears when I heard this song. Thanks a lot for this offering.


nil said...

Sundaresan C.V. from Thrissur, Kerala.

Though my wife and myself are Karnatic music rasikas, we are not very much familiar with Hindustani music. We hear great Hindustani maestros occasionally. The clipping you have provided an excellent and moving rendition of Bhagyada by Sri. Joshi. We are sad that he is not with us now.May his soul rest in peace.
Thank you for the good gesture.


I am V.Srinivasan secretary of the Perambur sangeetha saba chennai.
I have heard sri .Bhimsenji but the one Bhagyadalakshmi is superb.
we have lost a great musician.let his soul rest in pece

M R Venkataraman said...

Very grateful Sir

M R Venkataraman said...

Very grateful to you Sir

vishwaravi said...

Dear sir,
This is VishwaRavi /chennai.Earlier i have visited your site .Very nice and use to wonder where from you get so much time to post so much of information's . Kudo's to your efforts. I love karnatic music . But this one "Baghyada Lakshmi Baramma" is simply superb .Only A Legend can sing so beautifully.What a superb diction and delivery of the song .very unique with a fast tempo.Class of it's own . Sir, can u please give me some of such kind of songs of all artist's .I wish to keep a back up and load it to my mobile for regular listening .And if permitted wish to share it with like minded listeners.My e mail :omsribhooman6@gmail,com .Am also looking for songs based on Brahmamokate etc.,. Can u please help.My advance thanks to you .